Recurrent Hernia Repairs

A recurrent Hernia is a Hernia that was repaired before has returned. Recurrent hernias do not necessarily mean a problem regarding the previous surgery. Hernia mesh can shrink in size or migrate, and hernia defects can increase in size overtime.  

Risk factors of recurrent Hernia in patents are: Smoking, Diabetes, Obesity (BMI over 35), and sometimes Genetics. Recurrent Hernias are more complex to repair surgically, and they are best managed by surgeons specialised in Hernia surgery.

If you think you have a recurrent hernia, please make an appointment with Dr.Prashant Sharma. We sometimes will need to obtain your original operating report from your previous surgeon. This document will state the surgical technique and products used, which can be very helpful to us. After the initial appointment, we are likely to send you for CT scans in order to identify the hernia size, contents, and other hernias you may or may not also have. During your next appointment, Dr. Prashant Sharma will discuss the best surgery options with you, which may include:

  • Laparoscopic repair.  
  • Abdominal wall reconstruction or Open repair.
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